Biometrics is the utilization of biological characteristics (face, iris, fingerprint) or behavioral traits (signature, voice) for identity verification of an individual. Biometric authentication is gaining popularity as a more trustable alternative to password-based security systems as it is relatively hard to be forgotten, stolen, or guessed. On the other hand, biometric data which can uniquely identify a person (e.g. fingerprints, iris patterns) can be used to track individuals, linking many separate databases (where the person has been, what he has purchased etc.), which raises privacy concerns. Research in our group is concentrated on signature, voice and fingerprint modalities, for which we have developed state-of-the-art systems. Current research is especially focused on biometric cryptosystems (systems combining biometrics and cryptography) which combine benefits of cryptography and biometrics, and also addressing the privacy problem of biometric data.


Some of the research topics addressed by our group is as follows:

Last updated on Dec. 16, 2011